Monday, October 21, 2013

How to get free advertising using online forums

How to get free advertising using online forums

How to get permanent free advertising for your website using online forums.

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Have you ever done a search on Google and found your answer in forum threads? Try typing in almost any question into Google and you will find many of the answers in online forum threads. Forums get indexed by the search engines like crazy! Also, most forum posts are permanent. They do not usually get deleted.

So as a marketer how do you use the power of online forums to promote your business? First you must realize that each forum has strict rules. On most forums you cannot just regsiter then start posting ads. You will be banned from most forums for doing this.

First, find forums which relate to the topic of your website. Then join these forums and start to become a regular contributor. Answer questions, ask questions, contribute valuable information without promoting your website.

Most forums will allow you to have a signature file. This is a short tagline which will be added to the end of your posts with your name and the url of your website. Use the signature function to promote yourself on forums n


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